Monday, 20 December 2010


There's been so much snow lately, nothing to do but embrace it! This was the result of me training for a couple of hours in the snow on Saturday. Precisions became much more daunting and one new jump I'd found plagued me for a while but thankfully I managed it in the end despite the icy conditions, lots of fun!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Parkour Tour

I've really enjoyed following the Parkour Tour videos and seeing the beautiful flow of Daniel Ilabaca's movements and seeing the different communities across Europe. I was there for the London jam and really enjoyed the day and highly recommend everybody watch all of the videos from the Parkour Tour's Youtube channel, here's one of my favourite videos from the tour:


So... it's been nearly six weeks now of having my badly sprained wrist and it's been a real problem so far. I have been unable to train properly at all but have managed to work on plenty of things including one-armed variations of various moves and once the initial pain of even swinging my arms had started to fade I was of course continuing my usual training of precisions/strides etc building more strength in my legs.

To aid in the recovery of my wrist I've just bought an NSD Powerball, which is a handheld gyroscope exercise device so I'll be using this hopefully on a daily basis to strengthen my wrist(s). I'll keep you posted on progress :)

I've decided to definitely not let my wrist stop my training; there are plenty of things I can still train and it keeps my mind open to looking harder for more imaginative and creative ways of interacting with the environment around me. The cold weather and snow has also had a negative effect on motivation but I've still been out there finding things to do and on the days where the ground is too damp I can always train one handed things indoors on the other side of London: