Tuesday 16 November 2010


No posts for a while for plenty of reasons. I've sprained my wrist recently so training has been quite limited although it has forced me to vary my training to attempt to work around only being able to use one arm during any motion at all! It turns out that it is _very_ limiting having a painful left wrist, at first even swinging for jumps was too painful so I couldn't even work on precisions but since slight healing general jumping and strides have been my focus (in keeping with the training for most of the year which I was hoping to move away from being the entirety of my training) and I've been attempting some other movements using my right arm so have had some tough attempts at climbs and cats using just my right arm.

In other news I've put together a video with clips from June and July, definitely not truly representative of my parkour but I thought it would be good to mark progress and at least give me something to look at in the future to feel good about my progress, and hopefully over the next few months will put some other video together because it turns out to be quite fun remembering the days each clip was filmed but also it will mark my state at the end of my first year of parkour when February rolls around.

Anyway, here's my first video:

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