Thursday 14 April 2011

Might as well jump

Current status - My wrist is still injured, from the low fall on halloween :( I've got surgery on my wrist in May, maybe I'll give more detail another day but not right now mainly due to having an exam in the morning! The main point is that it hurts and could still be months to heal.

My main aim lately is to train running precisions, especially as I'm injured so still can't work on pretty much anything with my upper body. After vastly improving my power and standing precision jump over the past year, I still seem to have a large amount of fear doing running jumps of distances even slightly above distances I can do standing, so this is an area I've started training and will be more focused on training hard soon.

Recently I've managed to break two running precisions that made me very happy, one I found and managed to do later that same day, another jump near my house that I'd done once in a flurry of confidence but had since been afraid to do for months.

After becoming confident in my ability to successfully make the jump comfortably, drilling that large jump multiple times earlier in the week felt good, a good sign of progress, which has been something I've lacked lately, especially managing to stick the landing after training it some more. This is definitely a jump I'll be returning to many times in the future.

Possibly video coming soon with many running jumps :) (after exams, sigh...)

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