Sunday 23 October 2011

This blog

Looking back at the topics I've posted about so far I may as well rename it "Matt Injury Blog" at this rate. Unfortunately it hasn't been the best 12 months having had only a couple of weeks injury free (nasty ankle thing, long-lasting wrist injury, broken toes, and nasty knee injury).

Also, the only times I'm really free to post is when I'm at home so times that I can actually do parkour and post about that I'll be out training instead so I should make more of an effort to actually talk about my training. Right now my training is mostly on hold to avoid using my legs and hurting my knee, but I'm still out having a few muscle-up sessions trying to even out the strength in my arms: my wrist injury has left a very weak left side so all techniques are biased to one side only worsening the strength difference.

I will return to training and posting about it!

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