Thursday 7 October 2010

Injury and the return.

A few weeks ago I managed to land short on a landing and mess up my ankle (the "ankle thing") which meant I was out of training for weeks, during which time I found myself so busy with other things I avoided all training at all, including upper body strength, a particular weakness of mine. After these weeks away healing I was still unable to get back in to training due to commitments to studying outside my job and the weeks away were becoming more miserable without training, but now I'm finally back!

This week and my return to training has been beautiful and it's just been a brilliant feeling. On Monday, exams finished allowing me to have a 7 hour session (lots of aches and pains followed due to my forgetting to stretch), Tuesday involved training near me including new areas found in my eternal search for new spots within short distance from my house. Despite illness and lack of sleep last night I still managed some Parkour around various spots in the city and near my house, and this evening was the return of Thursday night training at South Bank, a regular fixture with some friends of mine. However, after the usual IMAX training and getting back into the swing of things and remembering the capabilities of my body... the ankle thing struck again.

A landing onto my toes onto a rail as it was getting dark led to a lot of pressure brought back the pain I was feared would return. I do worry that my ankle is in a damaged state and will take some months to heal but this time I won't let it get me down if it turns it out that tomorrow that the pain persists; my training will resume avoiding anything of high impact and still containing on my journey towards natural flow. The second day of Rendezvous this year for me was a similar situation to today and so I spent the afternoon hopping any exercise I could and focusing on improved control or single footed landings, because every situation is still potential training and it ended up being a fantastic session!

A quick reminder to myself that most of these injuries are minor setbacks in the grand scheme of things brings back my focus to the journey instead if the goal, and there will always be things to improve.

If I don't heal soon enough, look out for me working my balance or generally hopping around!

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