Sunday 10 October 2010

My next aim: split footed kong / cat pass

As people that know me may realise, my strongest point is definitely the power in my legs; I have a large, especially given the amount of time I've been training, standing precision (broad jump) due to it being one of my main focuses over the months since beginning parkour. This has paid off very well with this distance translating into higher available power for other moves such as wall runs, running jumps, and anything involving distance using my legs, and another reason why I'll continue to train hard jumping distance at points close to my limit.

An area I'm lacking in the skill to exploit this power and maintain flow is when attempting kongs over obstacles. I feel I'm at the limit of the distance I can attain from a kong because of being very limited by still performing the move with a double footed technique. Though trying in the past to split my feet for takeoff this has always amounted to performing a two footed take off with my feet mere centimetres apart, so my aim now is to work on my technique and get two footed kongs as a comfortable move in my repertoire upon which I can work on building distance to link to other moves across larger distances.

Over the coming weeks I will be focusing on this, and started to do so today. This has been at low speed and I feel I'm slowly getting into the swing of the motion, beginning to successfully be able to stride slowly and launch from a stride over the wall through my hands as a normal kong, bringing my legs together.

Time and practice will undoubtedly improve my technique, and working on different height walls with different run up conditions will increase my confidence so I can remove the barrier created by fear and inability to commit to the move at any great speed. In time I hope to be able to perform this move well, and amongst other things should be improving on this as the weeks go on.

The main purpose of this post is to serve as a reminder to my future self that I was once very limited by just two footed kongs and should serve as good motivation to continue training when I read this in a few months time reminded of the progress I have made, for I am positive I will succeed in working this technique and this should open up a whole new world of motion as my distance is vastly increased from a vault, as any reading I do on the subject implies that a kong is the best way to precisely and safely get large distance from a vault.

I'll try and keep posted on my progress in my kong, and my other general progress, including posts regarding moves and techniques that I am still UNABLE to do, to serve as a reminder to myself as an aim for my future self, as well as improving my sense of creativity around by still attempting to visualise that which I still am unable to do as well as those moves within my grasp.

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